The Auto Industry Has Plenty to Look Forward to From Porsche

Published by PGI Auto on April 30th, 2012

Most auto manufacturers tend to release one new generation of one model per year, or a couple refreshes.  They do this to allow the media and advertising spotlights to focus on one vehicle and to keep the momentum going each year.  Well, Porsche has figured out a different way to keep the momentum going each year – just make new models and new refreshes of every vehicle.

Next year, Porsche will be rolling out the restylied Panamera which will likely include a long-wheelbase model for the Chinese market, as well as a potential shooting brake and a possible four-seat cabriolet.

A slant-back version of the Cayenne is also said to be in the works, with a new Cayman later this year and a generous array of 911 variants to come over the next few years. Somewhere in there will be the new Macan crossover, the Pajun (baby Panamera) and a pair of new supercars: the new 918 and 960.

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